masks can be stylish too: M– looks lovely in hers

Since I started to make and sell face coverings, I've met so many lovely people. A few have been kind enough to send me pictures! D– bought a Shaded Anthracite face covering, and then promptly ordered another in Shaded Granite. He then wrote this wonderful review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐A google search of British made face-masks brought up this... Continue Reading →

an emotional 90th birthday order

This weekend I posted out the Omega scarf for an order which made me feel very emotional... It's for a lovely London-based lady's 90th birthday. She's clearly not able to see her friends and family but they have found other ways to show their love (this one from as far away as Australia). It also... Continue Reading →

fresh new packaging for little kerchiefs

I've managed to get my pocket squares neatly packaged. They were a bit messy to display at craft fairs and in photographs before, so I have been working on tidying up my presentation of these small items a little. It involves a lot of folding and ironing as per usual.

keeping calm and carrying on

Life has changed immeasurably since I last posted on this blog. The whole world is in lockdown, and we don't know when it's going to end or what to do to help end it. Having spent most of March flapping about like a headless chicken (as has most of the world), I've come to the... Continue Reading →

a look back at a sold out design: birdie scarves

For how long have you been following me on this blog or social media? Long enough to remember my Birdies collection from a few years ago? So long ago my hang tags were different! I'm thinking of bringing this collection back. What do you think?.Featured: Birdies collection scarves (sold out)

is pink a ‘girly’ colour?

Girly? The colour of love? Yes, pink might be those but it is also a wonderfully rich colour with more tones than just bubblegum. From magenta to rose to peach and even almost purple. What is your favourite pink shade? Featured: "Eden" silk scarf from the Infinite Galaxy collection

do you know who my models are?

Have you ever realised that the model you see in my pictures is me? And that my tie model is my (very patient) husband? I crop out our faces so that the focus is on my products, usually... which do you prefer? Cropped or face included? I'm posting this because I've just watched (and shared... Continue Reading →

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